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Number 44                                                                                 June 2013


Dear friend of Technical English,

Recently a lot of eReaders have appeared. You may seek the complete survey of eBooks Readers that are sold momentarily at Check Out My eReader ReviewsIn my opinion the eReaders seem to be very suitable for building your own library of materials for studying Technical English (as well as for studying general English). Now you can find on the Internet enough textbooks or manuals in appropriate formats and download them free. For example, English Grammar in Use. Raymond Murphy in format PDF is offered for free downloading.

As contrasted with preceding issues of the ViCTE Newsletter this number contains only a technical text which is a guest post by Boris Kolesnikov “I am absorbing tolino shine eReader”. The author of the post has freshly got a new German eReader as a gift and now he is sharing his first experience with this device. Read the post carefully (and loudly!). Use if necessary a technical English dictionary Internet English Vocabulary. Enjoy the post and write comments.

As mentioned for many times Passives are widely used in technical texts. So, I would like to dedicate the next issue of the ViCTE Newsletter to this topic. To refresh some knowledge concerning the theme see Number 19 – Passives VS. Actives / April 2010.Now I want you, dear visitor, read again the post and detect all Passives in it. If you have any problems with looking for Passives, let me know what kind of problems you have.  Galina Vitkova

I am absorbing

tolino shine eReader

By Boris Kolesnikov

tolino shine



The Tolino Shine is a new eBook reader that is produced in Germany starting March 2013. The Tolino Shine was built within a partnership among Bertelsmann, Deutsche Telekom and Germany’s leading bookstore chains—Thalia, Weltbild, and Hugendubel.

Values of tolino shine eReader

  • An embedded system of front lighting enables reading at dark without any discomfort.
  • Due to implementation of eInk you can read a text on a HD screen without any troubles. Even bright daily sun light is unable to cause difficulties.
  • A sensory screen provides a simple control of eReader functioning.
  • You are able to use the eReader during up to 7 weeks without recharging a battery. It is a great feature when being on long lasting journey or holidays.
  • An embedded wireless local network WLAN ensures a blitz downloading new eBooks even without a computer.
  • With TelekomCloud you might retain eBooks using synchronisation.
  • Large capacity of internal memory (2 GB) makes possible to download into a library of tolino shine eReader up to 2000 eBooks.

Download of eBooks

After buying a tolino shine eReader you are able immediately to begin with building your own digital library of eBooks downloading them. You may use the structure of the library offered by the eReader or create your own structure, The eBools for downloading can be in the format PDF, pdf2txt/reflow or also in horizontal (landscape) format. A size of letters can be tuned too. It is possible to download up to 2000 eBooks into a library of tolino shine eReader with the list of their titles. The eBooks may be searched through the whole Internet with the help of WLAN and TelekomCloud. The eBooks might have the wireless access to the Internet via various facilities of synchronisation. The tolino shine eReader enables to access free up to 12000 Wi-Fi hotspots via Telekom in Germany..


Control of the eReader functioning

The control is carried out through a sensory screen, which brings a great comfort and easy communication with the eReader when downloading or selecting eBooks or turning the pages leaves of an eBook. The embedded system of the integrated frontlight enables reading even at dark. Just click a suitable button that switches on or cuts out a spot lamp for reading. The control of the screen lighting intensity is involved as well.

Navigating across a site is provided. Searching eBooks in a library following various criterion is enabled. The tolino shine eReader is provided with a dictionary too.

 Comparing technical characteristics of toline shine eReader with other eReaders

tolino shine

Kindle Paperwhite

Bookeen HD FL


99.99 EUR

129.- EUR

129.- EUR


6″ eInk Pearl HD
1024 x 758 pixels

6″ eInk Pearl HD
1024 x 758 pixels

6″ eInk Pearl HD
1024 x 758 pixels





Integrated frontlight

light guide

light guide

light guide

Processor / Memory

800 MHz/
256 MB RAM

800 MHz/
256 MB RAM

800 MHz/
128 MB RAM

Internal memory

4 GB –
2 GB

2 GB –
1,25 GB

2 GB

SD Card

up to 32 GB

any SD card

up to 32 GB


183 g

213 g

192 g


1500 mAh

1450 mAh

1600 mAh

Operating system




Supporting ePub
and Adobe DRM





eReader – e-Book reader
eInk – electronic ink
HD screen – high density screen
WLAN – Wireless Local Area Network
Wi- Fi – Wireless Fidelity
SD Card – Security Digital Card
Adobe DRM – Adobe Digital Rights Management
ePub – format that is used for eBooks


  1. The Russian version of this post titled “Осваиваю tolino shine eReader“ is published at the blog Technical  English Remarks. 
  2. The Internet English Vocabulary (English – Russian – Czech) facilitates understanding this technical text if necessary,